Pittas Get. It. Done.

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Pittas are Firestarters

Intense. Bold. Valiant.

People may refer to you as “Our fearless leader”.

You are a boss, ambitiously barreling through goal after goal. You like to play by the rules and win fair and square. As a kid, you led the pack. You speak with authority, and people listen to you. You do not suffer fools and you despise to wait. You can get super pissed, but you cool down quickly and let it go. You drive would-be debaters into the ground with your sharp intellect, which sometimes transmutes into a sharp tongue. You are a dynamic public speaker and love to have the mic. You go for it on the field or in a meeting: you’re a closer.

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Pitta Self Care

When our pitta is balanced, it is this feisty dosha that gives us motivation to go after what we want; to work hard. It also fuels our inclination to do everything in moderation and live in a pure way – a way that optimizes our health.

When pitta is out of balance, we may get skin rashes or irritation, heartburn, migraines, nausea, or high blood pressure. We can also become absolutely intolerant of the sun.

Toxins of all kinds – environmental, chemical, on food – will knock pitta out of balance. So if you have been feeling extra irritated lately, check the list below for some self-care activities to give pitta some love. When trying to optimize or balance pitta, think cool and sweet. Calm that inner fire!

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Pittas go for it!

Pitta Self Care List

  • Stay cool – shade, beverages, clothing
  • Practice moderation with all things
  • Take time to play
  • Try a mindfulness practice
  • Eat regular meals (you are inclined to do so anyway)
  • Eat cooling foods; avoid spicy foods
  • Stay hydrated (water preferable)
  • Spend time just relaxing
  • Play team sports because you love them
  • Take walks in shaded nature areas
  • Keep a good work/life balance
  • Maintain a moderate pace; don’t try to do too much
  • Yogic breathing – Ujjayi Pranayama (Ocean Breath)
  • Try meditation
  • Self-massage a with cooling oil (coconut, olive)
  • Yin Yoga
  • Notice perfectionist tendencies, try to sooth them
  • Have a bedtime routine
  • Practice compassion

If you read the vata post, then you see that there is certainly overlap in the self-care activities for the doshas. This is handy because most of us aren’t strictly one dosha dominant. We will usually have two that are very pronounced – or maybe we have the (rare) equal mixture of all three.

Up Next: Post on Kapha, those Goddesses.

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